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I’m going to start this story with a question. How many of us have been able to establish proper relationships with your colleagues at work? Are you still an island thinking you should be in a competition with them instead of being friends with them? This story is just for you!

So I’m in the pool car with my team’s driver, heading for a meeting. We got talking about the possibility of striking a good balance between wealth, health and work (topic for another day). We talked about people who have died because of neglect of their health and so many other factors. It was when I raised a point that so many deaths could have been avoided that “Baba” (the driver) who in concurrence told me this story.

This young man like every young Nigerian was determined to make something out of his life. His goal was to reach the peak of his career as early as possible. He was what I’ll call a workaholic, coming into the office even on weekends just to get the job done. This guy is what some will call quiet or gentle because he was always on his own, minding his own business and basically not close to anyone in the office. In my opinion, the guy was being an island and totally being foolish. This is why I said foolish.

On a very bright afternoon, this young man got up abruptly from his seat and rushed to the restroom. Then he rushed back in and starting pointing towards a certain direction but nobody could understand him. He was trying to talk but he couldn’t even breathe properly. Now this was getting scary! His colleagues who had no idea what was going on couldn’t administer first aid so they just had to seek medical help. Since Nigeria is so messed up we have no paramedics or ambulance for dispatch, they had to drive the guy all the way to the hospital. As he was rushed to the hospital, the bank contacted his wife and she started screaming “ his inhaler is in his suit! His suit! Inhaler! Breast pocket!” Oh my! Apparently the dude was asthmatic but not even a soul in his office knew. They tried to save him at the hospital but they couldn’t. They lost him! The man died! He left his young wife and his little baby. It was quite sad but this could have been avoided.
If only he was close to at least one colleague, close enough to tell them his health situation.
If only one person knew what he was pointing at was the inhaler in his suit pocket.
If only that inhaler was administered early, he would have still been alive today.
It was later discovered that he used to sneak into the restroom whenever he had an attack to sort himself out. This way, nobody will know. The day he sneaked in without his suit jacket, was the day he died.

Let this be a lesson to us all. Maintaining a good relationship with colleagues at work or having at least one friend at work isn’t a bad thing. Let us make conscious efforts towards achieving this.


Thanks for reading
*chizzy’s thougts*

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