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I felt a little bit feverish over the weekend and had to leave the office for the hospital this morning. So I’m at the hospital’s reception, alongside other patients waiting to see the doctor. Then I noticed this little boy who kept running and playing from one end of the reception to the other. His mother tried to caution him but he wouldn’t listen. His father tried to intervene too, they kept saying things like “stop that, come here, don’t touch that, leave it” but the boy acted like he couldn’t hear neither of them. There was absolutely no regard for all his parents were saying to him. It wasn’t till he decided to play with the dustbin at one corner of the reception that his dad got up to restrain him but the little boy threw a banter, therefore, his dad released him to continue being naughty.

This made me reflect back on my childhood when all my mother had to do was give me “the eye” and I’ll advise myself. When you do as you’re told or you’ll be in bigger trouble. When you dare not misbehave or embarrass your parents in public or strokes of cane will fall on you. Then I asked myself, what happened to the parents in this our generation? What happened to bible verse which said and I quote “spare the rod and spoil the child”? What happened to raising Godly and respectful kids? Why is the notion that rebuking kids or spanking them is suddenly inappropriate or abusive? I understand some parents take it to the extreme( and I’m totally against child abuse) but come on, we need to do better for the next generation. We need to raise a generation better than ours! I don’t know about you but for me, I’ll not SPARE THE ROD AND SPOIL THE CHILD!!

Thanks for reading......
*Chizzy’s thoughts*

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Couldn't hear *either* .. Good piece .
0 reactions · Published 3 Months ago · Reply · REPORT


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