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group How Effective is Writing to Today's World ?

How Effective is Writing to Today's World ?

Undoubtedly, the world has been blessed with the pen but again has been cursed with the pen.

The pen , as ever known , remains the most valuable asset of mankind . The pen says and does not say , makes and mars , beautifies and saddens ...

There is nothing humans have not written...from Nature , Culture/Religion, Science/Technology, Politics ...
But do all written translate to practical living ?

We write too many books today and right after publishing and showing the world , we end it there and continue with our lives .

We have best of schools and libraries with rich content books, we get education and consume these books but what significant impact do we practically achieve out in the society , the World ?

We choose which one to practice and which not to as best suites our personal lives and not generality good .How good is that then ?

Today , everyone is a writer of some sort .. writing so much beautiful and interesting lives in the books but fail to translate it to practical reality .. what sense does that make ?
Both today's writer and reader seems to be after personal recognition and goals and never societal practical responsibilities. I mean , why write in books what you can't manifest out ? Why lock in good wisdom , creativity and intelligence in books without deploying those practically ?

Visit a library today , so much rich and inspiring content books to read and you wonder why life out there still remains what it is and not exactly what's in the books .. Does it mean we all write for storage and not for practice ? It can be argued that some actually practiced and some still practice but at what significant impact and for personal or general purposes ??

Just like the movies , life in books are interesting and beautiful but when you shut the book closed , life's ugly reality still hits you ... isn't it some strategy not working ?

Imagine a world where every interesting knowledge in books is out there in reality ... isn't a beautiful one ?

We've written too many books in a lifetime. We must now begin to practice all the beauty stored in these books, these books will not do such themselves .. the shelves remains where they remain for a lifetime.

Thank you Writers and Readers . The power to better the World lies in your actions not in your beautiful books !

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