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I'm a young guy looking for a good looking, wealthy and mature sugar mummy to share life with, any how she wants it. Reach me on drealonelesh@gmail.com... (Click Here To Read More)
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Dear virgins
*WHY AFRICAN COUPLES ARE NOT ROMANTIC* Many marriages are just for DEAR VIRGINS, HOW ARE YOU ? I am writing this to encourage you to stay celibate till marriage, Listen! I came across a post that read ...WHO VIRGINITY EPP? And alot of ladies were commenting alot of morally degrading words against FEMALE VIRGINS, Some lost men were blabbing I can't marry a Virgin, I want a sex freak who will satisfy me in bed. One of the men said "I will rather marry a girl wey don tear eyes reach between her legs than to marry a Virgin wey no Sabi Anything" ( like anyone was born a sex pro) One s... (Click Here To Read More)
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My pasti
Mistakes has taken over people,they dwell in their past and never focus on today cos they forgot that today will become yesterday and and tomorrow will becomes the future...most relationships crumbles cos they still dwell in their past regarding no the future...... (Click Here To Read More)
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